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Joseph Amsili

Joseph AmsiliExtension Associate
Soil and Crop Sciences Section
Bradfield Hall, Room 1001
Phone: 607-269-5046

Bachelor’s Degree: Cornell University, Science of Earth Systems, minor in Soil Science (2013)
Master’s Degree: The Pennsylvania State University, Soil Science, minor in Biogeochemistry (2018)

Joseph Amsili is an Extension Associate in the Soil and Crop Sciences Section of the School of Integrative Plant Sciences. He joined the Cornell Soil Health Team in September 2018 to coordinate extension and research activities related to the Cornell Soil Health and Adaptive Nitrogen Management Programs. Joseph previously worked as a laboratory technician in the Cornell Soil Health Lab between 2013-2016. During that time, he gained extensive experience in soil health testing. While at Penn State, Joseph was a part of research group studying the multiple benefits of cover crop monocultures and mixtures for farmers. His M.S. research focused on comparing cover crop root traits and on tracing cover crop rhizodeposition (the organic carbon released from living plant roots) into stable fractions of the soil. Joseph’s excitement for soil health is rooted in his passion for promoting sustainable soil management strategies.




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