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Minimum amount of soil required for individual analyses

CASH packages:

Basic-3 cups

Standard-4 cups

Standard PLUS-4 cups

Individual Soil Health Analyses:

Active Carbon:  ½ cup

Aggregate Stability: 1 cup

Available Water Capacity: 1 cup

Boron: ½ cup

Protein: 1 cup

Respiration: 1 cup

Soluble Salts: ½ cup

Texture: ½ cup

Total Carbon/Total Nitrogen: 1/2 cup

Submission form for Individual Soil Analyses

NOTE: When submitting soil for more than one individual soil health analysis you may be able to send less soil than indicated here. Please contact us if you have a limited amount of soil for the minimum amount of soil we require.

NOTE: Submission forms must be included with the soil samples when shipped. Failure to include submission forms may result in delays and/or denial of requested soil analyses.

NOTE: We require fresh or air-dried soil for our soil health analyses.

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