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Submission Forms

NOTE: The Cornell Soil Health Laboratory uses two submission forms, one for our Soil Health Packages, CASH (a suite of tests) and the other for Individual Soil Health Analyses (testing of individual soil analyses, i.e. Soil Texture, from within our Packages).

NOTE: Submission forms must be included with the soil samples when shipped. Failure to include submission forms may result in delays and/or denial of requested soil analyses.

Soil Health Packages, Comprehensive Assessment of Soil Health (CASH):

Submission form for the Basic, Standard or Extended Comprehensive assessment of Soil Health Packages:

CASH Submission Form  This requires Adobe Reader which is available as free download here.

Excel Version CASH Submission Form

Detailed Guide to filling out CASH Submission Form

Individual Soil Health Analyses:

The Cornell Soil Health Laboratory offers all soil health tests (that are included in our packages) as Individual Soil Analyses:

2019 Individual Soil Analysis Submission Form


  • Download (either) CASH submission form and save file.
  • Fill in the necessary information.
  • Print the 2 sided submission form and insert into the shipping box.
  • Save file for your records and email as an attachment to:

Useful links for the submission form:


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