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NRCS/Cornell Project

USDA-NRCS CIG  – A Guide for our Collaborators

It is critical that all NRCS CIG collaborators use this form and not our standard submission form.

Note: The submission form on this page is to be used only for collaborators of this grant. If you are unsure if you are a collaborator please contact your  NRCS Soil Health Division Leader. You can find detailed CASH NRCS Sample Submission Form Directions here as well as on the third page of the form.

You can find additional information about soil sampling and shipping to our lab under Testing Services

USDA-NRCS CIG collaborators are required to provide a completed submission form with sample submission.

More information:

Definition of prohibited counties: Areas from where soil should neither be packaged nor shipped. Soil received from these counties will be treated as quarantined and destroyed without processing. For our current list of prohibited counties please visit Cornell Soil Health Lab Guide to Prohibited Counties.


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