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Soil Health Manual Series Fact Sheets

The Cornell Soil Health Laboratory is the home of the Comprehensive Assessment of Soil Health (CASH). In 2016 we released our Comprehensive Assessment of Soil Health, The Cornell Framework Manual, third edition.  The training manual contains information on introductory soil health concepts, a detailed discussion of individual soil health indicators, laboratory procedures, a step-by-step guide to our soil health management framework, and an extensive list of additional resources.

Out of this training manual we developed the CASH Soil Health Series to further facilitate the guide’s utility as an educational tool for growers, extension agents, and other Ag Service Providers. The fact sheets are one page, two-sided handouts, designed to explain different soil health concepts and show how we measure soil health. Purveyors of soil health can easily download and print the sheets to be handed out at field days and other outreach events.

The entire collection is also available as a booklet or “mini-manual” below:

CASH Soil Health Series 2020

Below are links to the individual fact sheets that are currently available. New handouts will be posted as they are added to the series.

01 CASH Sampling Protocols

02 CASH What Is Soil Health

03 CASH Soil Constraints

04 CASH Texture

05 CASH Available Water Capacity

05b CASH Predicted Available Water Capacity

06 CASH Surface Subsurface Hardness

07 CASH Aggregate Stability

08 CASH Organic Matter

08b CASH Total Carbon, Total Nitrogen

09 CASH Protein

09b CASH Predicted Protein

10 CASH Respiration

11 CASH Active Carbon

12 CASH Standard Nutrient Analysis

13 CASH Root Health Bio-Assay (Add-on Test)

14 CASH Heavy Metal Contamination (Add-on Test)

15 CASH Potentially Mineralizable Nitrogen (Add-on Test)

16 CASH Soluble Salts (Add-on Test)

Soil Water Holding Capacity Demo Kit User Guide:

Soil Water Holding Capacity Demo Kit User Guide

Correct Citation:

Schindelbeck, R.R., A.J. Ristow, K.S. Kurtz, L.F.Fennell, H.M. van Es., January 2017. Cornell University Comprehensive Assessment of Soil Health Laboratory Soil Health Manual Series

If you have printing issues, we suggest using the ‘save’ option in your browser’s tool bar and then print the downloaded pdf from Adobe Acrobat.

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