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Comprehensive Assessment of Soil Health – The Cornell Framework (Version 3.2)

The third edition of the Comprehensive Assessment of Soil Health, The Cornell Framework Manual is now available!  Printed copies are available domestically for purchase ($25, including shipping). Due to prohibitive shipping costs, we are unable to take international orders at this time. The manual is available for free as a downloadable pdf.

Links for Free Download and Print Quality Version:

Download the entire manual [7 MB]

Print quality version [40 MB]

How to Purchase a High Quality Hardcopy ($25):

  • First, contact Joseph Amsili, Extension Associate:


Soil and Crop Sciences Section, 1001 Bradfield Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853 USA

In your email please include the number of manuals ordered and the address where you want them to be mailed.

At this time we can only accept credit card payments and we can only accept payments through the pay portal.

  1. In the ‘Amount to Charge’ box, enter the amount you will be paying:  $25 for 1 manual, $50 for 2 manuals, etc. Note: We cannot offer discounts for bulk ordering.  The cost of the manual includes shipping
  2. In the ‘’Transaction Notes’’ box, please tell us the number of manuals requested. For example:“$50 for 2 Soil Health Manuals
  3. Click the ‘Pay Now’ button at the bottom of the page and you will be taken to the Credit Card Processing System.
  4. Enter your payment information.

Once your payment is registered in the system we will package your order for shipment. It can take up to 5 business days to process payment and get the manuals shipped, please allow for shipping and processing time.

If you have a problem with using the Pay Portal, please contact

Quick Links to Manual Sections:

Front matter [.5 MB .pdf]

  • Cover
  • Acknowledgements
  • Table of contents,
  • Introduction

Soil Health Concepts [1.6 MB .pdf]

  • What is soil?
  • Life in the soil
  • What is Soil Health?

Soil Health Assessment [2.8 MB .pdf]

  • In-field soil health assessment
  • Development of Cornell ’s Comprehensive Assessment of Soil Health
  • Assessment of Soil Health overview
  • Scoring functions
  • Soil sampling protocol (sampling, storage, shipping, etc.)
  • Soil Health Indicator Protocols and Scoring (details on individual tests)
  • Soil Health Assessment Report

Soil Health Management [1.9 MB .pdf]

  • Soil Health Management Planning Framework
  • Soil Health Management Options and Opportunities
  • The Soil Health Management Toolbox
  • General management considerations (tillage, rotations, cover crops, organic amendments, climate change considerations)
  • Case Study

Additional Resources [.4 MB .pdf]

  • Books and Journals
  • Websites

Appendix A [.4 MB .pdf]

  • Sample 2015 Standard Package Cornell Soil Health Assessment Report

Appendix B: [.1 MB .pdf]

  • Soil Health Management Process Worksheet

Correct Citation:

Moebius-Clune, B.N., D.J. Moebius-Clune, B.K. Gugino, O.J. Idowu, R.R. Schindelbeck, A.J. Ristow, H.M. van Es, J.E. Thies, H.A. Shayler, M.B. McBride, K.S.M Kurtz, D.W. Wolfe, and G.S. Abawi, 2016. Comprehensive Assessment of Soil Health – The Cornell Framework, Edition 3.2, Cornell University, Geneva, NY.


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